Sarah W. Kaiwaka, New Zealand 

I have been working with Emma for a few years during my health journey. I was desperately trying to find the root cause of my autoimmune condition and to my surprise (and joy!) Emma was able to pinpoint one of the main issues of this during a BodyTalk session with ease. Emma is a wonderful, intuitive healer and you always feel a sense of safety and calm in her presence. She has helped me immensely and I continue to see her for a 'tune up' whenever anything feels out of balance. 

Emma is a wonderful body talk practitioner, I was nervous at first but Emma made me feel very comfortable. I felt like I could communicate openly with no judgement. The sessions I had with Emma really helped me a lot, on an emotional and physical level, I feel very grateful. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone thinking of trying this healing modality.  Emma, thank you so much for everything you do x

Christelle H. Kaiwaka, New Zealand 

Amy H. Melbourne, Australia 

You changed my life. While pregnant you helped me remain calm and focused while giving me the gift of acceptance. It totally changed my birth experience and it was the soul-healing c-section I needed after a horrid experience with my first boy. 


Then the love and healing help after R's horrible encounter in daycare. Listening to his reading as his mother I felt him fully and truly speaking to you. Getting the reassurance he was okay, giving him the ability to heal and move past it was huge.  You have a huge gift and I would absolutely recommend you to everyone I know.